Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment By Choice

Ask yourself why a developer would scrap his approved plans, choose to push his construction schedule back and submit his 20 Lot project to state review for a second time. Anyone would say that's crazy, considering how much effort goes into the permitting process. Allow me to explain: The developer decided that the onsite wastewater treatment system his engineer specified was not the best choice (that engineer no longer works for him and perhaps engineers and designers should take note of this. Many of the onsite treatment systems we provide, replace the one the engineer specified. In other words, when your clients learns about Eliminite, they, almost without exception, choose it over the competing system...the one YOU specified. I have witnessed those conversations and it can be very embarrasing for the engineer when the client wants to know why his engineer was so cavalier with his interests and money and did not provide him with information on Eliminite.)
Take a look at the photo of the pristine Montana lakefront development and notice the Eliminte system being installed in the foreground. Here in Montana, Eliminite is one of only a few advanced treatment options available, and it is the only system produced by a small, independent engineering and manufacturing firm. Eliminite's competition is produced by corporate giants who've indiscriminately sold cookie-cutter "black boxes" from coast to coast for the past several years, with mixed results. In a state that is at the headwaters of the rest of the nation, what do you see being installed?
The treatment system in the picture took about 3.5 hours to install and saved the developer tens of thousands of dollars compared to the previously approved onsite system. He got a better wastewater treatment system for a lot less money....wow.

Monday, September 7, 2009

In case you were still wondering

I see that some of the "big boys" have been visiting this blog and the http://www.squirtonsite.blogspot.com/ recently. It looks like they have really been scouring the site! Maybe they are trying to get some fresh ideas on how to improve their products. (remember, you saw it here first) Maybe they are trying to understand exactly how my small company is responsible for winning over so many of their clients. In this tight economy people are looking to get the best value for their money and, I am happy to report, they are increasingly selecting Eliminite as their advanced onsite wastewater treatment system. In fact, our client base has grown dramatically as these new customers do their homework and deliberately choose Eliminite over other systems. Once people become aware of us and what we can do for them we are the system of choice almost without exception. So the "big boys" are well advised to look out because Eliminite is winning over the market everywhere we go. So come on guys....pick up the phone and give me a call and let's see how we can work together to provide the best possible products and services to the public. Oh...I just got a call while I was writing this entry, another client wants to install an Eliminite rather than the advanced treatment system he was already permitted with...right, yours. I'll finish his drawings tomorrow.