Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Follow-up to last post

In my last post I told you about a system we installed four (4) years ago that the maintenance provider failed to inspect.  The system is at a high elevation in an area frequently mentioned on the weather channel as having the daily low temperature in the continental United States.  It is clearly NOT the NSF test facility in Waco, Texas.  It has been in continuous use.

The samples came back today and the system that has received NO MAINTENANCE for 4 years was producing effluent with 9 mg/l total nitrogen.  That's Ammonia + Nitrate + Nitrite + Organic Nitrogen, Total Nitrogen = 9 mg/l.

Our MetaRocks media looked as perfect as the day it was installed.  I am fairly certain that there is not a system available that can make this claim. And, when you factor in the price, Eliminite represents the best value in onsite wastewater treatment. This is an indisputable fact.

The "Big Guys" have been spending a lot of time on this blog.  They must be pretty slow in the manufacturing plant or they must be trying to figure out what to copy from Eliminite next.   I hear through the grapevine that their maintenance providers are still pretty busy though.  How would you like to be a homeowner, fighting through this awful economic recession only to get yet another bill for service to your septic system. And, if you don't pay it, they void your warranty (here is a secret, you never really had one anyway, it was always YOUR fault) and then, in order that the insult be brought fully to fruition, they turn you into the State for not renewing your maintenance contract. 

Here are some total nitrogen numbers from a third party test being conducted on one of our systems in in New Mexico:
11.2  I made an adjustment here to get the number down.
6.75  It looks like it worked.
The background Total Nitrogen was around 60 mg/l. 

These were taken over about a 6 month period from one little ol' Eliminite that cost a ton less than than one of those silly fish tank filter systems and about the same as those ridiculous septic tank bubbler activated sludge contraptions. 
"Big Guy" Maintenance crew taking care of one of the "Big Guys" systems.

Eliminite Maintenance crew and work vehicle

Just joking Guys...relax.