Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Plastic Tanks and Pipes Everywhere

I took a photo of a system that made me laugh.  It's one of those "pod" types with lots of green plastic tanks and pipes everywhere.  In fact, in the photo, you can't even tell which pipes go to which tanks.  The system was pretty large and I couldn't get all of in the photo.  But, it really paints a picture of what is wrong with this industry.  Now, I am going out on a limb here, and you will probably recognize the manufacturer, but hey, this is the world wide web and people have a right to know and a right to see these kinds of contraptions. You may even recognize the people in the picture.  The photo is below.

I gotcha', didn't I?    But you already had a picture in your mind...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Article--worth the time!

I couldn't have said it better myself:

Entrepreneurs Under Attack

"Every day, federal, state, and local governments stifle small businesses to privilege well-connected incumbent companies. It's a system of protectionism for influential insiders who don't want competition."

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Sample 98% Nitrification, Second Sample 80% Reduction in TOTAL Nitrogen

I wrote about the highway rest area wastewater treatments systems we designed and built for the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT).  (MDT made a determination that it was in the best interest of the public that Eliminite be the sole source provider of wastewater treatment systems for all its facilities.  This "Public Interest Finding" was approved by the Federal Highway Administration.) 

This particular WWTS was started in the winter and, at this location, it gets cold and stays cold.  We collected a sample in January which showed that even in the extreme cold, the system was providing about 98% ammonia conversion to nitrate. 

We collected the second sample a week ago and found that the systems nitrogen removal was already at 80%.   I expect the Nitrogen levels to continue to fall.

This is excellent treatment considering the high nitrogen concentration of the incoming wastewater.  In fact, we are already operating better, with a cold weather startup, than most "advanced" systems receiving residential wastewater.  (take a look at the "Best Available Technology" data from an NSF 245 system I posted a few weeks ago.)

Here is some icing on the cake.....No alarms, no failures, no problems. We started the system and it has been operating perfectly.  No media to wash cubes to fluff.

Yes.  This has really irritated the peddlers of competing systems.  You can imagine the incessant puling and crying.  They are even trying to have the PIF rescinded.  The fact is, we received the job through a fair bidding process.  Eliminite came in tens of thousands of dollars less and we were awarded BOTH jobs saving the taxpayers tons of money AND using local suppliers to the max.  But they have friends in high the hell with the best interest of the taxpayers. 

I did have to point out some shenanigans with one vendor however.  The peddler sort of ignored the engineers design flow and submitted his proposal with a system that was 1/3 of what the  manufacturer would require.  I guess he figured that he would spring the news on the taxpayers later.   My guess is they would have blamed the upgraded system on the Department of Environmental Quality.   I pointed this little "oversight" out to the contractor and he asked the vendor for a system meeting the engineers design requirements.  You can guess what happened next,  the correctly designed system was much more expensive than the Eliminite system and Eliminite won the job.  Oh...but the whining....I would bet there isn't a single pair of dry big boy "Huggies" in their entire organization!  Wait until they find out that we just beat them on a school wastewater treatment system yesterday.

I am always happy to discuss how our little Montana company is able to provide system that out perform the others.  So give me a off an email.