Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is what happens when you get really busy.

We have been very busy and, as a result, I have not updated the blog in quite some time.  Between designs, drawings, installations and O&M manuals I just haven't had a few free minutes to add some content.
I am still very busy but figured it was time to get a post up.

Here are a few notable projects we've completed since the last blog post:

Another Highway Rest Area in Eastern Montana.  We worked with WGM Engineering out of Missoula and Diamond Construction of Helena on the job.  These are two top notch companies to work with and the job was smooth and trouble free.  Justin Buchanan of E-On Northwest was responsible of the installation and start-up of the system.  

This rest area, like all the others, produces some very high strength wastewater so it was important to get the design right.  Our experience with rest areas has proven that the Eliminite system is well suited for these applications and we won this job on a competitive bid meaning our price was also the best of the bunch.  

A Restaurant in Helena Montana. This job was in last months issue of Onsite Installer.  A popular and growing steak house in Helena, Montana needed to expand their onsite system and hired us to provide the treatment system.  Justin spearheaded this project also and received a nice recommendation from the owner at the completion of the job

A Condo Development in New Mexico. The condos were served by a system that failed quite some time ago but the lot was so small that there was barely any room to install a new treatment system and drainfield.  I worked with the contractor to help design the replacement and he installed it.  The fit was perfect and the system is working well.  

A Retrofit of Another Failed system in New Mexico. Jerry Richardson of Ruidoso Septic Service installed an Eliminite system as a retrofit.  Another brand was specified but after a conversation with the project engineer we were allowed to substitute an Eliminite for the original system.  The owners are pleased with Jerry's work and they understand why the Eliminite is a better system than what they were going to use.  

A Resort in Michigan.  The clients, with whom we have worked with for years in Colorado, did not want the unreliable system that was being proposed for their job so they brought us in to design something that would work for their application.  Timelines were tight for this one because they had to have design, permitting and construction completed so that they could open by Thanksgiving. With only a month and a half of lead time, we had to work hard and smart.  The system was completed and is operational before the Thanksgiving deadline.

Several Water-Reuse systems in New Mexico.  Reusing wastewater is important in arid areas like New Mexico.  We have been working with an expert in the field to design systems that produce highly treated effluent for a reasonable price.  I have designed several of these and recieved state approval for installation.  

10.2 mg/L  That was the most recent total nitrogen result from a development with a centralized onsite system.  I have written about this project a few times.   It currently serves about 30 homes and didn't meet it's nitrogen requirements with the two brands of treatment systems that the owner started with.  Now that they are using Eliminite exclusively....well, TN=10.2 mg/L says it all.

Another RV Park Serving the Bakken Oil Fields.  This one was just completed this week.

A slew of Individual Systems.

We are not at all busy, however, with:  Service calls, call-backs or repairs.

Eliminite denitrification system serving two highway rest areas.

This system serves both the east-bound and west-bound rest areas.  The Department of Transportation asked for the panels to be installed at the system.  If they had been mounted to the building, there would be no visual impact.

The system consists of: Primary treatment, biological nitrification and denitrification, post-anoxic denitrification and final effluent polishing.  The highly treated effluent is discharged to two shallow pressurized drainfields.