Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ruidoso Septic Service Installs an Eliminite Nitrogen Removal System for an RV Park

Jerry Richardson of Ruidoso Septic Service recently installed an Eliminite system for an RV park expansion in Alto, New Mexico.  A few years ago Jerry installed an Eliminite for the first phase of the RV park and the owners were so pleased with his work and the reliability of the system that they hired him to do an expansion.
System Installed by Jerry Richardson

RV park wastewater is generally quite a bit more concentrated than domestic wastewater and New Mexico has seen so many advanced treatment systems fail that the Ground Division of New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) has essentially placed a moratorium on new RV parks unless the wastewater is discharged to an evaporative lagoon.  You RV park developers can thank the manufacturers of inferior treatment system for the restrictive rules. 
Jerry installed an Eliminite at this RV park a few years ago under the Liquid Waste Division of NMED and has been monitoring it is as required.  Apparently the Department has been very impressed with the results obtained from the first system and quickly permitted the expansion. 
Several owners of  O&M companies that collect samples from Eliminite systems, who also collect samples from many other systems, have told me that Eliminite results are always far superior to any other treatment systems they monitor. 
So it appears that all the manufacturer hype about how well their system works is just that, empty talk.  The Eliminite has not needed any maintenance or cleaning and has been functioning without problems.  Some installers don't appreciate the reliability however, because, their business model is predicated on return visits where they can charge for scooping out feculent peat moss, or fluffing little foam balls or changing filter fabric.  The air bubbler systems need to be pumped out  so often that the cash flow from necessary maintenance operations becomes more significant to them than the initial cost of the system.  Septic system maintenance becomes the gift that keeps on giving.
We, on the other hand, have developed a system that does not require the constant babysitting and cleaning.  Eliminite systems operate trouble free under a wide array of wastewater flow, wastewater strength and climatic conditions.  

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