Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Total Nitrogen and Fecal Coliform

Annual results from one of our standard 120 C treatment units.  TN measured 11.0 mg/L and fecal coliform in the effluent was zero. 
This system was part of a study we participated in several years ago and from these results it is clear that it continues to perform exceptionally well.  Nothing has been done to the system other than to collect a sample once per year.  I suppose I could make a few fine adjustments and get the TN down below 10 mg/L...but what would be the point?  It's already well below the permit limit.
The average TN for the 18 month study was about 7.5 mg/L . 

These are great numbers and I know this industry well enough to know that any manufacturer would love to obtain these results consistently, and very few do in real-world applications.  The fact is, Eliminite does achieve these results, not only on single family residential systems, but on community and commercial systems, as well.  This system was installed by one of our distributors and cost thousands less than any competing systems expected to achieve similar results. 
Our designs are copied by the giants in this industry, but our numbers are better.  Our edge is not just in the intelligent design and careful engineering, but also largely attributable to our MetaRocks media.  You have seen manufacturers use all kinds of media...plastic beads, Styrofoam packing peanuts, filter fabric aka textile, peat moss, coconut shells, plastic blocks, foam cubes and the list goes on. If you think about it, not a single one of these media was developed specifically to treat wastewater; they were all commandeered from some other use and force fit into onsite wastewater treatment systems.  MetaRocks, on the other hand, were developed specifically for job they do.  This is an important distinction and the benefit is clear and unequivocal; better treatment results, lower cost, less maintenance.

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